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Set 6 PCS LED Lights Pop Fidget Tubes Toy

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 It's A Luminous Sword - A Light Stick To Cheer!


  • Popper Tubes light Toys

LED Lights Pop Fidget Tubes Toy are super thick non-toxic and odor PP&PE plastic, lightweight and portable, durable and sturdy, and easy to stretch and shrink.

Colorful glow tubes have 3 different lighting modes: fast flashing, slow flashing and not flashing, and sustainable shine for 12 hours. Large glow sticks are decompression toys that integrate touch, hearing, and vision.

  • Sensory Educational Games

Children contribute to the development of arm movements and hand refinement when stretching and connecting pop pipe tubes.

Flashlights pop with tubes can not only help kids recognize colors, numbers, letters, and shapes but also can be spliced and built like Lego to help children perceive the space.

Neon lights effectively attract kids' attention and desire to explore and prevent boys and girls from indulging in electronic technology.

  • Funny Fidget Party Supplies

LED Lights Pop Fidget Tubes with decompression sound and flash, you can’t stop it at all. Giant glow stick party favors have been played with daily and used in creative ways.

Teens and kids can use whirl tubes to make crowns, necklaces, bracelets, hula hoops, belts, skipping ropes, etc. These tubes are especially prominent in the dark night, it's a luminous sword, a light stick to cheer!

  • No Reason To be Anxious

The low-structure material fidget straws make a cool noise when you play, attracting kids with ADHD and giving them a sensory feeling.

LED lights-up popper tubes are suitable for light parties, night running groups, concerts, birthdays, carnivals, weddings, camping, parent-child games, long-distance trips, school teaching aids, etc.

  • Amazing Gift Choice

LED Lights Pop Fidget Tubes Toys are the source of children’s creativity, an indispensable choice for adults to decompress, and a tool for the elderly to activate hand joints.

Glow-in-the-dark party supplies are suitable as holiday gifts, birthdays, DIY creations, valentines party favors, and gifts for children with autism.


  • Material: PE
  • Size:
    ✅Diameter: 1.1in / 2.9cm
    ✅Length: 19cm/7.5inch (Before Expansion); 67cm/26.4inch (After Expansion)


  • 1 Set * LED Lights Pop Fidget Tubes Toy (6 Pcs)


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